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Swampdonkeys Competitive Teams

As players move through the skill development camps and through house league, their skills and confidence as athletes improve. Because of this, the organization attempts to put competitive teams on the court every season. Rep teams come about through the organization's understanding that an age group has the capacity to compete at a Rep level. Each season, the Donkeys have tryouts for both girls and boys, attempting to put these teams together.

Players join a Rep or Development team through a tryout system, implemented by our OBA certified coaches, who have years of experience at the competitive level of basketball. Players who try out for respective teams need to meet the skill, attitude, and commitment levels needed to keep these teams growing and competitive.

Costs and Commitments

KL Swampdonkey Rep and Development teams really do mean business! As the kids grow, coaches anticipate the lives of their players, and schedule accordingly. We take it easy at first (u12), then increase our development in the middle years (U14-U16), and finally roll with the punches (older kids have work and academic responsibilities that are growing) at the older, U19 groups. 

The costs associated with playing on a Rep or Development team will be discussed with each team by their Coach.  Please note that the cost for the team does not include transportation, accommodation, or meals. However, please remember, as a Rep or Development team member, your dedication to practice, games, and tournaments is expected.

Rep and Development teams will practice usually 2 times during weekdays. Younger teams will practice earlier in the evening, with older players later at night. You can anticipate that most weekends between November and May are privy to game and tournament bookings. There will be about 2-3 weekend tournaments, with exhibition games as well!  




U12 Girls -

U14 Girls -

U12 Girls

Development Team

Quinn Perrier

Autumn Levesque

Vanessa Pullen

Lily MacLean

Payton MacLean

Dylan Fox

Blair Farrell

Delia King

Audrina Thorpe

Leah Henry

Charley Rocheleau

Charlie Dubrueil

Coach: Lindsay MacLean

U14 Girls

Development Team

Hollie Borden

Dana Lyn Daigle

Marissa Tardiff

Abbey Gagne

Brooke Davidson

Audi Elder

Painter Rivers

Molley Daley

Karli Charbonneau

Coach: Ren Rivers

U16 Girls

Rep Team

Erika McGinnis

Calleigh Ouelette

Keisha Tobler

Nora Buchmann

Suri Perrier

Alexis Rocheleau

Penny Kurz

Brennan Buchmann

Hailey Davis

Maddie Beaudoin

Coach: Marc LaRouche

Coach: Sophie LaRouche

U16 Boys

U19 Mens -

U16 Boys

Rep Team

Hardy Kurz

Vihaan Prajapati

Ryken Howey

Reid Smith

Ben Garand

Zack Richard

Brody Lefort

Tyson Adair

Maddy Burkholder

Coach: Josh Birimcombe

U19 Boys

Rep Team

Harrison Rivers

Jamoss McKelvey

Theo Kurz

Burke Bonney

Anthony Dumas

Josh McPherson

Matt Souriol

Henri Dubuisson

Coach: Ren Rivers

U16 Girls -

U19 Girls

Rep Team

Kenadie Allen

Quinn Glover

Addison LaCarte

Drew McCrank

Laiken McGinnis

Felicity Montminy

Charley Pollock

Maddie Sinclair

Chloe Shail

Eden Turner


Coach Todd Turner

Coach Lindsay Guertin

U19 Girls -

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