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The Jr. NBA program is targeted towards individuals who have the eagerness to learn and achieve the fundamental aspects of basketball. The target age range for this program is 4-8 years old. Generally, participants are being introduced to basketball for the first time.


What to Expect

The Jr. NBA program successfully allows participants to develop and comprehend the essential skills required in the game of basketball. The program also helps participants through the pivotal journey of their own personal development. The curriculum will take the children through series of drills and activities that will work on the following fundamentals: dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding and playing defense. Throughout the program, participants are taught essential life skills that ultimately provide a powerful positive influence towards their own personal development such as having a positive attitude, sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, respect, health and fitness.

  • Weekly 45-60 minute practices 

  • Canadian Sport 4 Life/Long Term Athlete Development compliant

  • Aligned with Canada Basketball's Developmental Pathway

  • Curriculum has been developed by NBA Basketball Operations and a team of experts in child development and physical literacy, and basketball fundamentals

  • Games will be modified to be age-appropriate, simple and fun


  • Program will include age-appropriate equipment (smaller basketball and lowered adjustable hoops) and modified games

  • Participants will receive a size-appropriate Spalding® Rookie Gear Basketball and NBA team branded t-shirt

Fall 2019

REGISTRATION: October 10=16 6:30-8:00 @ KLDCS

Cost: $75

SESSIONS: Sundays 3-4 beginning November 17th

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