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Our Donkeys Elves are getting ready for Christmas!!  So we want to you get ready for Chritmas and get all the Donkey fans geared up with winter clothing and accessories from our Christmas Shoppe!

Check out the items below and please EMAIL Christine at

Orders are due by DECEMBER 1st - this is a short amount of time so don't forget to get your order in!  


Be sure to include the item name and size (adult or youth) and colour, when placing the order! 


Payable by cheque to "Mile of Gold Basketball", by e-transfer, or by cash - payment due before order!

There are 3 logos that you can choose from, our Classic logo (1) Banner logo (2) or We the Swampdonkeys (3).  


Logos will be done in complimentary colours to the product ordered! 

                       1                                                                              2                                                                          3

ADD extra to the price listed for the clothing or gear if you would like to add name to sleeve $5.00 

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Christmas Shoppe Items 23.jpg
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